My Digital Chaos

My Digital Chaos is about living a creative life. Really, its for Free Thinkers and good Misfits. If nothing else to inspire others to try their creative hand in their own life. There is satisfaction to be had; in being creative and living life to the fullest.

We offer Fine Art Photography and Books for free thinkers.

My Digital Chaos stands against the neglect and abuse of others in any way. When someone is oppressive to the point that life is no longer worthy of living, there is a problem. Many are suffering and being hurt by someone that abuses their power. Our hope is that people will be kind again in life, that everyone can live free from oppression.

But really life is about having a creative outlet. What ever medium you choose to work in, what ever flavor of craft that you choose, may you find success in your own hand.

My Digital Chaos hopes to inspire others even those who are facing difficult situations or tough times. Because being creative can save your life, if you can find solace in it's brush strokes or written words on paper.

Ergo, what ever medium you choose, being creative can help you deal with the life we have. We hope that you will do something with your life that you find rewarding, and if we can inspire you to try for yourself even a little then we will have met our objectives.

Therefore Pick up that pen, the camera, the brush with paints. You won't know until you try, and keep practicing. Hence, never give up. It takes years to gain self mastery. Work towards that, don't be afraid of making bad art; just make art.